The most drastic difference between the Floyd protests and the Capitol insurrection was the idea of saying “Look what’s happening to us” vs. “Look at us.”

Just…fuck, man.


How many times do I have to say, in the year 2021, that Nazis are bad? That the Confederacy was awful? That authoritarianism is dangerous? That a president with a cult of personality is terrifying? That Donald J. Trump was the most unfit man to run for office in US history and the worst president it has ever had, by far?

No way I’m coming up with captions for every entry on this list.

Yeah, that’s right, little Rafi is EXHAUSTED with his political rants, film reviews, and the likes, and has an actual life and real jobs, but sometimes he can just squeeze in a miscellaneous blog post. Today, I’m going for a lazy Buzzfeed-esque article. It’s been a while. And what am I doing? Read my title, lazy ass. Simple concept, I’m not gonna explain too much further. I will say that I’m going off this article by QSR for a few of these, which did all the grunt work for me and listed each restaurant and the number of locations. I’ll…

All caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Better than the Republicans getting caught reaching for the gun…but I digress.

“When deeds speak, words are nothing.”

Remember that old quote? You Latin lovers might recognize it as facta non verba. It’s a pretty freakin’ simple quote, I think. I don’t know, I just think it’s pretty easy to understand. Tons of different ways to say it. Here are a few other ways to get that point across:

Talk is cheap.

Easier said than done.

Actions speak louder than words.

So, if you feel I’m being condescending, don’t fret; my target is not you, it is our ever-so-uniting United States government. Something most of us, I am betting my left lung…

Keep wearing masks!

Today I am reminded of the famous quote from President Kennedy in his 1961 inaugural address:


Folks, I adore the antics of Sacha Baron Cohen. The Ali G Show talking points? Incredible. The OJ Simpson interview in Who Is America? Outstanding. The elephant scene from Brothers Grimsby? One of the funniest things I’ve seen in cinema. And of course, there’s Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

The first Borat is a film that is arguably the best depiction of George W. Bush’s America put to screen. I’m not exaggerating. In an era rife with post 9/11 “our country can do no wrong” nationalism and fanfare, Borat was a refreshing look…

King Kong: The movie that got me into movies.

When discussing film, the historical context of the film — and the events of the culture and world surrounding it — must be noted. The life of the filmmakers behind a movie is equally important, as their background and very soul pours into their work. In the case of the pioneer of stop motion, Willis H. O’Brien, the world was between the two most devastating conflicts in human history — the world wars — but there was a great deal of discovery in this time. In an age where the missing pieces in the world map where being filled in…

The option was to get a picture collage of all the nominees, or just get another generic Emmy photo. The latter was chosen.

Here we are, in the final piece on the Emmys. The limited series (also known as “miniseries”) category might be my personal favorite. A limited series doesn’t drag on for so long, and in the time I might take to watch a single series, I could watch 5 completely different limited series in the same amount of time, or see the same show with totally different storylines (anthologies). It gives a lot more detail than a film, but doesn’t require as much commitment as an entire recurring series. Some of the best things I’ve seen from TV were due to…

Venezuela is broken. The country has fallen to a state of poverty, violence, and despair on a scale hitherto undreamt of. Of course, it was not always in such dire straits. Typically, when trying to solve a problem it is best to stop and look at the root causes of the problem before proceeding to fix it. In the case of Venezuela, it is critical to look at the history of the nation, in order to find an area of notable change to pinpoint where the problems began arising. That area of extraordinary change came in 1999, when Hugo Chávez…

Next year’s Emmys will be extraordinarily weird, due to the COVID production pauses.

Here were are folks, the second part of the Incluvie Emmy trilogy of articles. Last week we went over the comedies (many of which are actually quite hard-hitting at times), so this week, we’re seeing the drama category…many of which host a lot of comedy. Labels are irrelevant sometimes. Frequently, really. For instance, The Mandalorian doesn’t strike me as a drama. At any rate, because the amount of TV these days in its Golden era with streaming services galore, the Emmys really do cut through a lot of television, so just to be nominated is a massive honor. …

I have held an Oscar and an Emmy. I just need to touch a Grammy and a Tony, and I’ll have touched the same amount of awards as someone who’s an EGOT!

Ah, the Emmys. if you thought The Oscars were frustrating, The Emmys are even more frustrating with their choices. In the first part of a series, Incluvie is going to be looking at the Emmy nominations from the 3 major categories each week leading up to the Emmys. This is a big compilation piece, and links to each author’s personal Medium page will be linked with their names. Have fun, and prepare for mild spoilers ahead!

As a reminder, the 2020 Emmys will air on Sunday, September 20th.

-Rafael A. Sarmiento

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